Changes to Point System for 2014–2015

Hello dancers,

In response to feedback we obtained from you over the summer, we will implement a few changes to the DDS travel subsidy point system. These changes will take effect for the Fall 2014 semester.

During 2013, Devil DanceSport was asked by the SDFC to participate in a series of Wellness Events, which included nutritionist workshops, mountain hikes, and fitness assessments, among others. Some of these events were considered ASU events for travel subsidy purposes, while others were simply treated as additional attendance points.

The inconsistent categorization of these events was a frequent source of questions and confusion. As a result, we have introduced a new Wellness Event category in our points database, and members who desire to receive travel subsidies must attend at least one of these events. To compensate for this additional requirement, we have reduced the required number of attended DDS practices from five to four.

We plan on having multiple of these wellness events every month, with weekly club workout sessions, as well as monthly special workshops.

We hope you find these events useful towards reaching your wellness goals. If you have any questions, ask away!