Party in Vegas like it is 2015 with DDS

Yes, it’s time to start getting ready for the most popular of our annual events… the UNLV Desert Challenge!

The 2015 Desert Challenge Intercollegiate Dancesport Championships will be held at the MPE North Gym in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, on April 24 and 25. Join us as we try to yet again dominate this competition.

As usual, the Desert Challenge travel package will cover hotel and registration costs for you. As is also our custom, we will charter a bus that will take you between Tempe and Las Vegas, as well as provide you transportation between the hotel and the competition on both Friday and Saturday. The base cost of our packet this year is $150.

However, this year we are doing something special.

For this competition, we will be providing the most aggressive travel subsidies we have ever offered. Members who have satisfied all of our travel subsidy requirements (i.e. who have reached 100 points in the Devil DanceSport travel subsidy system during the Spring semester) will receive a $50 subsidy. Any additional points over the 100-point threshold will yield a subsidy of 50¢ per point. As a result, members who max out at 200 points will receive a whopping $100 off the UNLV travel package! As usual, we have pre-calculated subsidies for all of you, and you can check how much you would pay at our travel subsidies page.

But wait… THAT’S NOT ALL!

If you are planning to compete for the very first time ever, Devil DanceSport is offering a special one-time-only $50 discount off the base price! This means that you will be able to travel, stay and compete with the team for only $100! Full details on this special discount are available in the FAQ section of the registration packet, but in a nutshell, all you have to do is:

  1. Register as a club member
  2. Attend DDS Competition 101
  3. Turn in your packet (linked below)

In order to travel with the team or claim any travel subsidies, you must be cleared as a Devil DanceSport member before Thursday, March 26; for more information about how to become a member, check out our membership page.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, you must return your Vegas packets to a DDS officer by Thursday, March 26, 2015.

Note for Newcomer and Bronze dancers
If you signed up to compete in Newcomer or Bronze at the UNLV Desert Challenge competition in Las Vegas, we will require you to attend the ASU Ballroom Beginners’ Competition. (You don’t want to have the deer-in-the-headlights look when going against students from other schools, and we don’t want that either.) We will ask you to register in the Beginners’ Competition for at least the same heats and level you signed up for in your UNLV entry form. You may sign up for more heats in the Beginners’ Competition if you want (up to two consecutive levels).