Stanford Ballroom’s Cardinal Classic


Devil DanceSport is crashing the NorCal collegiate circuit!

The annual Cardinal Classic ballroom dance competition hosted by Stanford Ballroom is going to be held on April 18, and Devil DanceSport is going!

The Cardinal Classic registration packet will cover your registration fee and hotel. For this competition, since we recognize travel is going to be a bit more difficult, we will be handling registrations slightly differently. If you are one of the first 16 people to register, Devil DanceSport will cover all your registration fees and hotel costs; however, we will ask you to put down a $50 security deposit. You will receive back this security deposit after you attend the competition.

Additionally, we will give you a travel stipend to partially offset your transportation costs; the amount of the stipend will be determined by the amount of spring semester points you have earned in the
Devil DanceSport travel subsidy system. Members who have reached all travel subsidy requirements (i.e. 100 points) will receive a stipend of $25, with an additional 25¢ per additional point, up to a maximum of $50. We have pre-calculated stipends for all of you, and you can check how much you would pay at our travel subsidies page.

In order to receive travel subsidies, you must be cleared as a Devil DanceSport member for the spring semester by Thursday, March 26; for more information about how to become a member, check out our membership page.

Registration for the Cardinal Classic is being done through the O2CM online registration system. If you are planning on attending Cardinal Classic, you must enter your forms manually at (You don’t have to worry about submitting payment to Stanford; DDS will take care of that for you when you submit the rest of your travel packet.)

If you want to take advantage of this offer, you must return your Cardinal Classic packets to a DDS officer by Thursday, March 26, 2015!