About Us

Devil DanceSport is an official Sun Devil Sports and SORC club at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. Although our primary focus is promoting dance as a competitive sport, our activities touch on many areas. Some examples would be:

  • Represent Arizona State University in dance competitions and events, both on-campus and off-campus
  • Offer syllabus certification to dance students and members
  • Offer free tutoring to dance students enrolled in classes
  • Sponsor students through membership by giving them discounts on a variety of expenses related to dance
  • Hold professional workshops at discounted rates open to the public
  • Hold themed school dances per semester for ASU students and faculty in the Memorial Union Arizona Ballroom
  • Work with Residential Life, Campus Dining, Devils After Dark, Fine Arts Council, and other university organizations to plan and orchestrate campus-wide events
  • Do performances ranging from community benefit shows to corporate parties
  • Do community outreach through programs such as Prom Preparation and Etiquette Education in schools around the valley

For more information, please contact info@devildancesport.com