Why should I become a member of Devil DanceSport?

There are actually many benefits in being a member of the club. To list a few:

  • DDS is the best way to meet people with a similar interest in ballroom dancing.
  • We have weekly lessons and practice space available to you at no charge—no need to pay floor fees somewhere else!
  • DDS offers a safe, friendly environment for you to practice and improve your dance skills.
  • We sponsor, organize (and sometimes pay for) group outings to local dance socials—we can get rid of the “I don’t know anyone here” problem!
  • For those of you taking classes with the ASU School of Film, Dance and Theatre, we provide personalized assistance to help you understand the concepts covered in classes.
  • We offer discounts for workshops with professional dancers.
  • DDS membership allows you to officially represent ASU in intercollegiate dance competitions.
  • DDS members that participate in club activities receive exclusive subsidies for travel to competitions.
  • DDS members receive exclusive access to the team bus to travel to Las Vegas in April!
  • If you need class excuse forms to attend a competition, we can arrange that for you.
  • In case of injury, we have access to sport medicine doctors, as well as free access to athletic trainers to help you heal.

Who can become a member of Devil DanceSport?

Devil DanceSport membership is available to all ASU students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members.

What are the minimum requirements for membership?

All we ask of members is that they register as participants of the Sun Devil Sport Clubs program with the Sun Devil Fitness Center.

The requirements for Sun Devil Sport Club participants are outlined by the SDFC in their website, but in a nutshell, participants must obtain a Sun Devil Fitness membership and maintain current health insurance. Most current on-campus students are SDFC members, as the membership is typically included in ASU tuition. Alumni and community members may obtain a Sun Devil Fitness membership at the “ASU affiliate” rate.

The SDFC assesses a $25 fee to everyone who registers as a sport club participant. Unlike other sport clubs, Devil DanceSport does not charge any club dues on top of that; if you have registered for one of the other sport clubs, you do not have to pay the fee again, and may join DDS completely free of charge!

Members who desire to receive travel subsidies have a few more expectations (see below).

How do I qualify for travel subsidies

In order to qualify for travel subsidies, a Devil DanceSport member must do the following:

  • Get cleared by SDFC via DoSportsEasy each semester
  • Attend a minimum of four (4) weekend practices or workshops per semester
  • Attend one (1) DDS-sponsored Wellness event per semester
  • Attend one (1) DDS-sponsored ASU event per semester
  • Attend one (1) DDS-sponsored Sport Club event per semester
  • Participate in at least one (1) community service event per semester

These requirements are the minimum needed to receive subsidies. Members who participate in club activities beyond the ones listed here will be eligible for even larger subsidies based on our travel subsidy point system.

How do I become a member of Devil DanceSport?

Registration for the 2016–2017 academic year will open after the start of the Fall 2016 semester. 

The procedure to register takes less than 15 minutes:

  • Follow this link to DoSportsEasy.
  • Fill out the forms (have health insurance information handy; you can say “no” to driving and come back and fill it later if you need to)
  • Check your email for a confirmation link (make sure to look in the spam folder!)
  • Pay the $25 Sun Devil Sports fee at the admin desk on the first floor of the SDFC. You can also pay the $25 fee online through the SDFC’s Fitness Online payment portal.
Under SDFC regulations, you can try out the club for up to two weeks before you have to finish registering. If you do not complete your registration within that period, you will not be allowed to participate in club activities until you do so.

If you have any questions, email and we’ll help you out!