Performance Opportunity:Urban Talent Night

Imhotep Circle at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine is throwing an "urban night of talent" at ASU Nov 8th to benefit Sojourner Center, a battered women and children center. The grand prize is $250 and goes to the person/group voted for by audience members. The show will be in Neeb hall, which is approximately 23X16 carpet-type. Contact Toni Varela at if you are interested.
Urban Talent Night
Urban Talent Night

A Message from our VP of the Youth-College Network (YCN)

Hello Devil DanceSport! The NCC (USA Dance National Collegiate Challenge) Website is up and running.  Please send the link to your club members so they can start to register.  A formal invitation from USA Dance will be coming soon electronically but I wanted to give you an early heads up. The link is: Thanks - see you in November. Andrew Pueschel YCN VP USA Dance
**If any Devil DanceSport members would like to go to the Ohio Star Ball (which is what Andrew is talking about above) please check this site frequently or your Devil DanceSport Organization Webpage on Blackboard.  We will be updating them both soon. Sarah

Devil DanceSport Blackboard site

Blackboard site - we now have a blackboard organization page. Benefits to enrolling are being kept up to date and using the PartnerSearch Online function in the discussion board, among other things.
Steps to enrolling:
    • Go to myASU
    • Search for Devil DanceSport in the organizations tab
    • Complete the enrollment by clicking enroll. It may ask you to login again.

2008 Desert Challenge Results

The 2008 Desert Challenge results from UNLV (Las Vegas) is now available for viewing online.

Pictures, Individual Results, Team Results
Devil DanceSport Results:
1st Newcomer American Waltz
2nd Newcomer American Waltz
1st Newcomer American Tango
2nd Newcomer American Tango
1st Newcomer American Foxtrot
3rd Newcomer American Foxtrot

1st Newcomer American Cha Cha
2nd Newcomer American Cha Cha
1st Newcomer American Rumba
2nd Newcomer American Rumba
1st Newcomer American Swing
2nd Newcomer American Swing
3rd Newcomer American Swing
1st Newcomer American Merengue
2nd Newcomer American Mambo
3rd Newcomer American Mambo

1st Newcomer International Waltz
3rd Newcomer International Waltz
1st Newcomer International Quickstep

1st Newcomer International Cha Cha
2nd Newcomer International Cha Cha
1st Newcomer International Rumba
2nd Newcomer International Rumba
1st Newcomer International Samba
2nd Newcomer International Samba
3rd Newcomer International Samba
1st Newcomer International Paso Doble
1st Newcomer International Jive
2nd Newcomer International Jive

1st Bronze American Waltz
3rd Bronze American Tango
1st Bronze American Foxtrot
3rd Bronze American Foxtrot
1st Bronze American Viennese Waltz

2nd Bronze American Cha Cha
2nd Bronze American Rumba
1st Bronze American Swing
2nd Bronze American Swing
1st Bronze American Bolero
3rd Bronze American Bolero

1st Bronze International Waltz
2nd Bronze International Foxtrot

1st Bronze International Cha Cha
1st Bronze International Rumba
2nd Bronze International Jive
3rd Bronze International Jive

2nd Silver American Waltz
3rd Silver American Waltz
2nd Silver American Tango
3rd Silver American Foxtrot

2nd Silver American Rumba
2nd Silver American Swing
3rd Silver American Bolero

3rd Silver International Waltz
3rd Silver International Tango
2nd Silver International Foxtrot
1st Silver International Viennese Waltz
3rd Silver International Viennese Waltz
3rd Silver International Quickstep

2nd Silver International Paso Doble

1st Gold American Cha Cha
2nd Gold American Rumba
3rd Gold American Rumba
2nd Gold American Swing
2nd Gold American Mambo
3rd Gold American Mambo
1st Gold American Bolero
3rd Gold American Bolero

3rd Gold International Cha Cha
2nd Gold International Rumba
3rd Gold International Rumba
1st Gold International Samba
3rd Gold International Samba
1st Gold International Paso Doble

1st Novice American Smooth(W/T)
2nd Novice International Standard (W/Q)
3rd Novice International Standard (W/Q)

1st Pre-Champ American Rhythm C/R/SW

2nd West Coast Swing

3rd Hustle

1st Argentine Tango
3rd Argentine Tango

2nd Lindy

1st Salsa

USA Dance

USA Dance (formerly known as USABDA),  is a nonprofit organization promoting Dancesport as a competitive sport and recreational enjoyment for all ages.  

A division of USA Dance is the Youth and College Network (YCN),  which holds collegiate ballroom dance competitions for all amatuer proficiency levels(from newcomer to championship).   The Ohio competition held annually in Novemeber has great competition to watch and participate.   ASU have regularly participated in the event.   2006 results are available online.

phoenix usa dance logo

During the same weekend of Ohio's YCN competition, participants   get a free ticket to watch the annual Ohio Star Ball.   The same Ohio Star Ball that have featured a number of Pros in the TV show,  Dancing with the Stars.

There is a USA Dance here locally. Just go to their website at

Need some music for practice? You may already have some dancesport music in your library. has a great list of songs for each dancesport category. You can Cha Cha to Pink and Samba to Ricky Martin. Every song is listed with it's beats per minute and level of difficulty.