Points System

The points system is Devil DanceSport’s way of rewarding those members who participate in club activities beyond the bare minimum. Each activity the club does will have points attached to it.

Club members who fulfill all the minimum requirements for travel subsidies are guaranteed to have at least 100 points every semester. Each point beyond the minimum 100 points will count towards additional travel and competition subsidies, up to a maximum of 200 points!

Note: In order to accrue extra points, you must satisfy all five travel subsidy requirements first; we will not award you the extra points you accumulate until all of those are met!

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Point System FAQ

How can I check how many points I have?

Click this link! Our points database is automatically updated at least twice a week. If you have questions about your point totals, just ask any Devil DanceSport officer to go over your points with you.

How do I earn points?

Once you are cleared by the SDFC to become a member of the club, there are multiple ways of earning DDS points. These include:

Events that accrue points will be announced on our calendar, on our Facebook events list, on our mailing list, and on our Facebook page.

I want to tutor somebody. How many points would I get?

Club members who provide tutoring services receive travel subsidy points that count towards your DDS Attendance subsidy requirement.

Each hour of tutoring also yields 10 DDS Attendance points, and there is no cap to the amount of tutoring points you can earn.

How will I know how much to pay for competitive travel? By when do I need to accrue points?

Points will be used to compute subsidies for competitive travel. As part of travel packets, DDS will announce a point-freeze deadline (which will roughly be a week before packets are due), and only points accrued before the deadline will count towards your subsidy.