If you need help with one of the
Latin/Swing/Ballroom I, Latin/Salsa I, or Country/Western I classes, Devil DanceSport is proud to offer a tutoring program. We also offer tutoring for those who are interested in competing, and who would like some help with either choreography or technique for all styles.

Tutoring appointments are done either on a one-off basis or in recurring sessions, and are taught by DDS members, Latin/Swing/Ballroom II and Latin/Swing/Ballroom III students.


In order to enroll in the DDS tutoring program, you must be:

  1. a registered member of Devil DanceSportor
  2. a student enrolled in an ASU partnership dance class, or
  3. the regular dance partner of someone who meets either of the above requirements, and who is also enrolling in the tutoring program.

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If you are looking for someone to help you with class material, click here!

Being a mentor / tutor

If you are a prospective tutor, we recognize that the DDS tutoring program would not survive without your help. In recognition of your efforts, DDS tutors receive travel subsidy points that go towards reducing the cost you pay towards traveling for competitions.

Signing up for tutoring through Devil DanceSport also fulfills Latin/Swing/Ballroom II and Latin/Swing/Ballroom III class tutoring requirements.

If you want to tutor someone, sign up here!


Dzintra Malins and William Langenbach are the official DDS Tutoring Coordinators, and they will be doing much of the work behind the scenes to keep the program running smoothly. If you have any additional questions, you can email them at info@devildancesport.com. Make sure to include “Tutoring” in the subject line.